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TRÅDVÆRK is a new creative venture dedicated to shining a spotlight on sustainable art and textile design. Founded by yarn artist Sara Pape and textile designer Sille Aaes, our shared passion lies in exploring how art, craftsmanship, and textile design can actively contribute to the climate discourse.

Our mission revolves around repurposing the many materials that go to waste in the textile industry daily. We achieve this through the design of interior products such as bags, cushions, bedspreads, Christmas elves, and pigs. Moreover, all our designs are available as "do-it-yourself" kits, extending the opportunity for more people to use upcycled materials in their sewing, knitting, and crocheting endeavors.

We believe that craftsmanship and design possess untapped potential to drive essential sustainable development, and we aspire to be pioneers in this field. Previously, we received support from the Kirsten and Gunnar Foundation in Aarhus for our art project "TRÆVÆRK" – a 3-meter-tall tree crafted from surplus yarn from Danish carpet factories. TRÆVÆRK will be exhibited at Dokk1 in Aarhus in the fall of 2024, aiming to raise awareness about overproduction in the textile industry.

In the eight months since we started TRÅDVÆRK, we have visited numerous Danish textile companies, establishing solid collaborations to utilize significant amounts of surplus materials in our designs. Sustainable business development and upcycling textile surplus form the foundation of TRÅDVÆRK. We aim to be a driving force for necessary change, inspiring a climate-conscious mindset among other designers, craftsmen, and DIY enthusiasts.